for Nintendo 2DS - Plastic PET Screen Protector Film Guard Set | FPC

  • £2.75

With constant use and intense gaming moments it's possible to scratch your screen. Avoid such issues with our high quality screen protector set.

Protect your old flat type 2DS screens with our high quality plastic screen guards. 

  • Brand new
  • Tri-layer design for best filter and protection
  • Anti-reflect layer against intense sunshine and provide clear picture
  • Easy to install and remove
  • PET layers against electromagnet radiation and protect your eyesight
  • Retail packaged
  • Contents:

  • 1x Upper screen, 1x lower screen protector & Small thin micro fibre thin cleaning cloth
  • Fits Nintendo 2DS flat consoles only
  • *Please note, application is the customers responsibility. Incorrect fitting will produce air bubbles. 

    Console not included.

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