Wii2HDMI Nintendo Wii to HDMI Output Adapter Converter HD 1080p 720p | FPC

  • £5.99

This is a 'Wii2HDMI'. Its a brilliant little gadget that we use ourselves!

It plugs into the output socket on your Nintendo Wii console and lets you use any standard HDMI lead to connect to the TV instead of having to fiddle around with the older cables which are also lesser quality. It bumps the picture quality from 480p/520i to 1080p full HD.

No need for any extra power input, or anything. Just plug straight into your TV and away you go. Once you switch to HDMI you won't go back!

  • Brand new
  • Retail packaged in display box
  • HDMI 1080p or 720p format and supports all Wii display modes
  • Supports all standard wii modes also: PAL: 576i / NTSC: 480p
  • Works with any Nintendo Wii worldwide
  • 3.5mm standard audio jack for audio output to external speakers or PC monitors if required (You don't need this when using with your TV as standard HDMI carries audio)
  • With just one HDMI cable (sold separately), plug and play for true-to-life video/audio effects on your HDTV/monitor

*Consoles and controllers are not included. These are for illustration purposes only.

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