iSesamo Flat Blade Spudger & Value Opening Tool Kit for iPad & iPhone | FPC

  • £9.99

This is a full tool set for use with the latest iPhone and iPad devices. Come with official flat blade iSesamo tool.

We are official authorised registered re-sellers of the iSesamo tool from Dotterpod.

*Please note; this is the value one use tool set. For an higher quality re-usable pro tool set please see our other items in the store.


  • 1x star pentalobe screwdriver
  • 1x cross Philips screwdriver
  • 1x flat screwdriver
  • 1x pry tools
  • 1x suction cap
  • 2x flat pick
  • 1x isesamo flat blade tool
  • 1x isesamo Mini tool

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