for Nintendo Gamecube - SD Memory Card SD2SP2 Adapter Serial Port 2 | FPC

  • £3.92

This little gadget adapter allows you to use an SD Memory card (sold seperately) to run custom homebrew on your Gamecube.

  • Brand new
  • Adapter only (No memory cards or software included)
  • Install this underneath the console behind the cover labelled serial port 2 (see pic)
  • This adapter bypasses the limitations of the GameCube memory card adapters and allows the use of memory cards larger than 2GB. The maximum capacity of memory card that can be used is dependant on the software being used by the user, currently this is up to 512GB for Swiss, but note that only some memory cards are not compatible with Swiss and you should check online to ensure your memory card will work.

    *Customer notice: This adapter does not allow an SD card to be used as a standard GameCube memory card for game saves. It will only allow the loading of homebrew software. No instructions or advice can be provided with this item. You are expected to understand its uses. 

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