for Samsung Galaxy S5 - 2 Gold Waterproof USB Charger Dock Seal Port Cover | FPC

  • £1.99

for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900 - Pack of 2x

Opening and closing the micro USB charging port cover for your Samsung Galaxy S5 is used every day almost one to two times a day, which can sometimes cause your port cover to either get lose so it doesn't close or completely come off. This creates issues with dust and water getting inside the device creating bigger problems

Our replacement charging port cover resolves this problem so your Galaxy S5 looks brand new again and of course your charging port is protected, without you worrying about getting water or dust through.

This is an easy repair

*Please note: Whilst these phones are advertised as water proof, tests have shown that they are susceptible to water ingress.  Once damaged they cannot be guaranteed waterproof and we do not recommend any submersion of the phone under water. Samsung do not cover any water damage under warranty.

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