JDM-030 Playstation 4 PS4 Controller L1 R1 Trigger Shoulder Buttons

  • £1.99

Replace your faulty or damaged L1 / R1 shoulder buttons with these compatible replacements.

  • These buttons WILL fit all controllers with generation numbers ending in 04 G, F1 and F2.
  • No modifications are required. 
  • 1x L1, 1x R1 supplied

Please check compatability before ordering, different age controllers require different designs of these parts.

*Please note that these will only fit official Sony PS4 controllers with a generation number of 04 G F1 and F2

*These buttons will NOT fit controllers with generation numbers ending in 01 G, 02 G and 03

Technical installation required, controller must be opened to install which may void any warranty.

You will need a Philips #00 screwdriver to install these parts (not included).

*Only fits official Sony controllers 

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