iPhone XS OEM Replacement Proximity Sensor & Earpiece Speaker Flex Ribbon | FPC

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This is a brand new replacement part for your iPhone. This part can get easily damaged during a screen repair and is one of the most common replacement parts for this model iPhone.

If this part gets damaged you will experience no sound through the earpiece when someone is talking. You will still be able to hear them on the loud speaker. Although not private or discrete. Replace with this part to restore the earpiece function at a fraction of the cost of an official repair without sending your phone away for a number of days*.

- Brand new
- OEM High quality Replacement part
- Proximity sensor flex with earpiece for iPhone XS

- Apple iPhone XS models only
- Does not fit iPhone XS MAX

Package contains:
- 1x iPhone XS proximity sensor

Advisory notes:
- Professional assistance is advised.
- Please follow well known professional online guides if attempting this repair yourself.
- Always check your Apple warranty. Opening your device will void any warranty remaining.
- Please note: Other unknown issues unrelated to the part can cause similar issues.
- Fitting is the customers responsibility.

Important customer notice:
*Due to advanced Apple security, replacing this part will stop the function of Face ID. It will be greyed out in your settings with no functionality. There is currently no known way around this issue without sending your iPhone to Apple for replacement. The original part holds a proprietary IC chip which is tied to the logic board. Damaging or removing the original part will sever this tie. This replacement part will let you restore your earpiece speaker audio cheaply if you don't mind loosing the Face ID function. Everything else is unaffected. Please understand this before purchase.

We are experienced iPhone & iPad repair specialist technicians. We have been repairing these devices since day one and we know our way around most common repairs. If you need any help choosing the correct part or require any assistance with fitting, please contact us.

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