for PS4 Playstation 040 V2 Controller - Replacement Full Buttons Kit Set

  • £4.75

Replacement Full Buttons Custom Mod Kit Set for the Sony PS4 PRO Controller.

*Please choose your colour. You will receive 1x set of your chosen colour


  • Buttons set includes: Left & right analog sticks, L1 R1 L2 R2 buttons, Action buttons, PS button, Option/share buttons, directional pad and touch pad.
  • High quality and long lasting.
  • Perfect fit and an ideal replacement for any mod enthusiast.
  • Fits Official PS4 PRO controllers.
  • Many colours to choose from.  

Will fit official Sony ps4 Pro JDS-040 / JDM-040 controllers perfectly

*L1/R1/L2/R2/D-pad/ABXY/PS buttons will fit JDS-050 / JDM-050 / JDS-055 / JDM-055, but please note: the share and menu buttons either side of the trackpad are different and won't fit without modification.

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