for Nintendo Game Boy GBA SP - Battery Replacement 850mah 3.7v Battery | FPC

  • £8.19

Replacement 850mah 3.7v li-ion Battery for Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

  • Brand new
  • Compatible battery (not manufactured or endorsed by Nintendo)
  • 850mah
  • 3.7v
  • Comes in retail packaging as shown
  • *Fits GBA SP model only

Important battery guidelines:

Please be aware that all new batteries need an initial few days of full charge cycles (Full charge / discharge) before reaching maximum performance. Please allow a least 1 week for optimal performance.

Battery may get warm on first uses, this is normal. However if this doesn't subside after multiple uses please contact us.

There are multiple known faults which can affect a devices ability to charge and power on that are not related to the battery. If you think the battery is faulty please contact us. We may ask that batteries are returned for testing before a replacement or refund will be issued.

Battery usage:

  • Try and give your battery a full charge / discharge as often as possible, run the battery all the way down and fully charge - this will help condition the battery
  • Avoid partial charges
  • Avoid constant trickle charges (such as USB charging)

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