T7000 Glue 15ml Black Precision Tip Flexible Super Adhesive Sealant Phone Tablet

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T-7000 Flexible glue is the black coloured version of the B-7000, usually used for arts and crafts, but is a great addition and popular choice to any laptop, mobile phone or tablet repairers tool set. 

Why use T-7000?

  • Black to match modern laptop and phone casings
  • Water resistant
  • Residue is easy to clean / wipe off
  • No powder residue (like superglue leaves behind) 
  • Vibration resistant 
  • Quick dry
  • Tough but removable (for example if you glue a battery in place it can still later be removed) 


  • 15ml size tube
  • Comes with precision thin applicator
  • Lid includes anti-blockage pin

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