SD2VITA Adapter for PS VITA 3.60 HENKAKU v5 PSV | FPC

  • £3.67



  • Use a Micro SD card with your PS vita (up to 256gb). 
  • This adapter will only work with PS vita's running 3.60 firmware or lower which can run Henkaku.
  • Compatible with PS Vita 1000 & 2000

Some basic instructions for use:

  • This goes in the game slot (not the memory card slot!)
  • The memory card must be formatted as exFAT or FAT32 for the PS Vita to read it. If your formatting anything over 32gb your pc may only have the format option for NTFS. Do not format as NTFS. There are free formatting tools you can download to easily format correctly.

Please note: We provide no support for this item and its use other than above. You are required to understand what you are doing. Adapter Only. Memory card not included. Application of this product is the customers responsibility. Return will be required if any faults are reported.

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