7pc Blackhead Whitehead Spot Remover Extractor Popper Tweezer Tool Kit

  • £2.55

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An effective simple tool, which will improve your skins appearance.
- 7 piece Blackhead double ended looped tools.
- Convenient storage case.
- Pops out Blackheads and pimples thus improving the appearance of your skin.
- Quality Design and Finish.
Simply cleanse your face with hot water, or hold a face cloth to the area for a few minutes to open up the pores. The easiest solution is to do this after a hot shower.
Place the loop over the black head you want to extract and gently apply pressure and slide the tool across the top of the blackhead.  This will force the blockage out. Cleanse your skin again and wash the tools with hot soapy water or alcohol to sterilise.  Allow the tools to air dry.
*Please note, may not remove stubborn blackhead or spots.

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