Gamebit Game & Console Security Tool Bit 3.8 & 4.5mm for SNES N64 NES GC Gameboy

  • £2.95

Pack of 2 sizes gamebit screwdriver bit set for opening various Nintendo and Sega game cartridges and games consoles. Open a wide variety of consoles and cartridges for repair, cleaning, modification, battery replacement, etc.

Used to undo the security screws used by many retro consoles & cartridges
- Pack of 2 (1x 4.5mm & 1x 3.8mm)
- Strong & durable
- Precision engineered teeth fit tightly
- 6mm Hexagonal (when fitting into standard screwdriver)
- Length: 50mm
- Steel alloy

Easy to Install:
- Simple to fit, just place the security bit fit into a standard hex screwdriver (sold separately).

4.5 mm gamebit opens:
- Sega Master System game cartridge
- Sega MegaDrive & Genesis game cartridge
- Sega 32x System game cartridge
- Super Nintendo (SNES) console
- Nintendo 64 (N64) console
- Nintendo GameCube console
- Virtual Boy console
- Game Gear console
- TurboGrafx 16 console
- TurboDuo console

3.8 mm gamebit opens:
- Original NES Nintendo game cartridge
- Super Nintendo game cartridge
- Nintendo 64 (N64) game cartridge
- Original Game Boy cartridge
- Game Boy Color cartridge
- Virtual Boy game cartridge
- Sega Game Gear game cartridge

Package contains:
- 1 x 3.8mm GameBit Tool
- 1 x 4.5mm GameBit Tool

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