For Phone Laptop Repairs - 10x Professional 6" Nylon ESD Probe Spudger Pry Tool

  • £3.99

This is the worldwide known nylon spudger tool 35622 that is recommended for opening and repairing many phone & tablet devices by professionals.

  • Brand new
  • High quality 
  • Hard Plastic
  • 6" Length
  • Pack of 10

The spudger can be used for a variety of purposes when repairing electronic devices. It's a tough, antistatic tool, made of nylon, and has one flat and one pointed side the pliable and antistatic properties make it ideal for preventing shocks and scratches.

The flat side can be used to disconnect connectors, remove thermal paste from a heat sink, pry off components, aid in soldering, or unscrew a MacBook's battery and contains a notch for hooking wires, while the pointed end can be used to connect/disconnect components, hold objects for soldering, or poke things that require poking. 

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