for Sega Mega Drive 2 3 - 1.8m PAL 9 Pin to RCA TV AV Composite Cable Lead | FPC

  • £6.99

This cable connects your Megadrive 2 or 3 to your TV via the red yellow white sockets on the back of your TV. Can also be used with scart when using a scart adapter (sold separately)

Megadrive is also known as Genesis in the USA - These are the same models.

The Mega Drive 2 model uses a different AV output from the first generation console, with a much smaller plug design, however it came the welcome addition of stereo audio along with the composite video signal. The original Mega Drive only had mono audio output, and relied on the headphone socket for stereo sound connectivity.

  • Brand new
  • Compatible cable
  • Only for Megadrive 2 & 3
  • *Will NOT fit Megadrive 1

*For TV's without the 3 coloured sockets you can plug into an RCA scart adapter. We sell the scart adapters separately if required.

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