2x Blue Anti Static ESD Grounding Cord Adjustable Wrist Strap PC Phone Repairs

  • £4.99

The FPC anti-static wrist belt with buckle line adjustment is a wrist worn strap human body discharge device for human accumulation of electrostatic charge. It is divided into linear, wireless, a metal ring and elastic conductive fiber mixed ring. It can effective protect zero resistance from electrostatic interference to vent on the human body electrostatic. It is made of anti-static, elastic, flexible button cord, a protective resistor and spring collet. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with an anti-static yarn, and the outer layer is woven with ordinary yarns. The principle of anti static wired wrist strap is the human body electrostatic guide to the earth through the grounding wire and wristband. When using the wrist strap in contact with the skin, and to ensure that the grounding wire is grounded, so as to maximize the effectiveness. Wearing the anti-static wrist strap, which can in 0.1 seconds safely remove the body produce electrostatic, wrist band is the anti static equipment in the most basic and most commonly used.

*Ground yourself, dissipates static during electronic repair and maintenance.
*Protect your PC from static electricity.
*6ft long coiled cord adjust to wide range of movement.
*Adjustable strap with buckle line can fit your wrist perfectly.
*Essential for electronic maintenance engineers.


  • Type: Wired anti-static wrist belt 
  • Material: Conductive sand + PU plastic
  • Electrostatic Discharge Time: 0.1 seconds
  • Surface resistance: ≤103Ω
  • Wrist band resistance coefficient: ≤50Ω
  • Grounding edge impedance coefficient: 10,000 Ω
  • Conductive fiber interval: 8 (mm)
  • Cable Length: (approx) 6ft
  • Colour: Blue
  • Pack of 2

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