5x Contactless Blocking Secure RFID Credit Card Case Holder Sleeve Shield Cover

  • £2.55

Protect yourself from payment fraud and identity theft.

Many credit cards, drivers licenses, oyster cards, government identification cards, school, hospital, and company identification cards, as well as many passports have a Radio-Frequency-IDentification chip (RFID) embedded inside them. These chips allow vendors to scan your credit card or oyster card quickly at the checkout and also allow authorities to scan your ID or passport from a distance, making transactions a little faster. However, if your credit card's or identification cards were scanned while in your pocket, it makes stealing your identity or funds a whole lot easier.

This handy little pouches create a shielding technology that blocks radio waves by creating a sheilded sleeve and prevents all scanners from reading the chip inside your cards, thus protecting your data & money.  

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