1.0mm 40/60 Tin Resin Flux Rosin Core Solder Soldering Wire Tube Dispenser | FPC

  • £2.99

1.0mm Soldering Wire (40/60 Tin/Resin Flux) Rosin Core Solder Dispenser Tube.

Brand new and high quality, high purity lead tin alloy. With reel neat, attractive, shiny surface.

  • Soldering wire good oxidation resistance, less loss.
  • Soldering automatic alignment does not tangle, does not block the container.
  • Ideal for electronic parts, wires connection, printed circuit boards,
  • Wire repair, every electronic technician, hobbyist, craftsmen, etc.
  • Not suitable for plumbing or jewellery work.


  • Material: 40/60 rosin core (40% Tin, 60% lead+resin+flux)
  • Flux content 1.8-2.3 (%)
  • Melting point 183-280°
  • Diameter of the Soldering Wire : 1mm / 0.04 inches

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